Your data. Instant insights.

Unify data from the disparate systems and services your school utilises, and instantly gain insight into learning, behaviour, business operations, and more.


Albitros makes data analytics easy for your entire school.


Easily analyse academic and behavioural data, and set early warning alerts to keep your finger on the pulse.


Review achievements, understand areas for improvement, set goals, and track progress.

School leaders

Track key academic metrics at a cohort or whole-school level, whilst also gaining oversight into key business metrics.

Wellbeing teams

Review your behavioural and wellbeing data with precision, and implement early warning to intervene sooner.

Parents / guardians

View the achievements and progress of their child, and receive notifications as configured by the school.

Data analysts

Build your own visualisations and dashboards, and distribute them with ease in a 100% web-based app with top-notch security.

IT admins

Make data analytics available to your entire school whilst maintaining data security, fully integrated with your LMS and/or SIS.

School systems

Enable cross-institutional analysis, allowing schools to learn from one another whilst maintaining oversight through a single portal.


Integrate with the systems you already use


Don't see your system listed? We integrate with much more than what you see here; book a demo to discuss your specific requirements.


Implement tools that drive impact

  • 🚦 Growth analysis

  • ⚠️ Early warning

  • 🤓 Learner behaviours

  • ✅ Making it simple

A holistic view of academic growth.

Consolidate data sources including NAPLAN, ACER, AAS / Allwell, and your own teacher judgements into a single chart for a holistic view of student aptitude, achievement and progress.

Easily triangulate the many assessment types to test how closely teacher judgements and standardised test results align, see performance trends over time, or compare the performance of one cohort against others.

Automated early warning notifications with Pulse.

Our Pulse alerts provide schools a configurable system for monitoring areas of concern - whether it's attendance, behavioural issues, or academic performance.

We'll automatically make the necessary connections within your data, and let the right people know about a potential issue, at the right time.

Understand what makes your learners "tick"... and what doesn't.

Gain a deep understanding of how learners respond and achieve depending on different types of assessment, learning tools, and even teachers.

Being informed on behaviours when designing learning journeys will help you to create an environment in which your learners flourish.

You don't need to be a data scientist to work with data.

We carefully design each of our dashboards and visualisations to be easy-to-use for anybody - whether you are a data novice, or have a passion for analytics.

Teachers love our analytics. So do Data Analysts. Tune the experience with Albitros and align it to the skill levels at your school.


Need clarification?

What is Albitros?

Albitros is an online analytics platform that provides schools deep insight into academic, behavioural, and business data through a single pane of glass.

Is Albitros compatible with our SIS/LMS?

Albitros is compatible with most major SIS and LMS products. Our team will discuss your school's systems and requirements as part of a demo session. To get started, book a demonstration time.

How secure is our data?

Data security and the privacy protection are core to Intellischool's products. You can learn more about our data policies in our Help Centre.

How much does Albitros cost?

Licencing costs for Albitros can vary depending on the tools and systems you have in place at your school. Our team will discuss your school's specific licensing requirements as part of a demo session.

You can book a demo online.

A new way for educational data.